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Looking to complete a flight review, transition to a high performance or tail wheel
aircraft? Need a few hours of training to get comfortable in your new airplane and
meet insurance requirements?  Visit our contact page and give us a call or send us
an email, we would be glad to help.
We can also provide training in your aircraft, even experimental.
Just bought a new Airplane?  Need to build hours for Insurance?
We would love to help you ferry your aircraft to your home base and help you build
the hours required by your insurance.  We have experience in all kinds of single
engine light aircraft including experimental, light sport and tail wheel.
We now have a 2009 Flight
Design CTLS available for
rental and training.  With block
time rental as low as $92.00/hr
wet, flying becomes fun and
Are you upgrading to a High
Performance, Complex , or
technically advanced aircraft?
We can help you make that
  • Check out our weekend packages that allow you to enjoy our charming little
    town of Bisbee with your significant other, while completing your flight
    review requirements.  
  • Our goal is to provide a fun and personal experience combined with
    professional and informative training.
Southern Arizona's Light Sport Aircraft Center
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For  the price of that big screen TV you're sitting
in front of, you could be seeing the world as it
was meant to be seen..In Person!! Come take an
Introductory flight today.
You will see why getting
a Sport Pilot Certificate in the Flight Design CT
may be the best thing you have ever done!  We
love our 2009 CTLS and are now making it
available for you to enjoy as well.
Introductory Flights for $55.00
Sport Pilot Certificate
Private Pilot Certificate Details
Interested in buying a Flight Design Light Sport Aircraft?  Contact us!  We are the
Arizona dealer for Flight Design West.  We have new and used models available!  Come
take a demo flight and see why Flight Design has the best selling, most advanced LSA
on the market today!
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